Welcome to Parmin Pharmed, our innovative research company established in 2021, dedicated to advancing the pharmaceutical landscape. Specializing in the development of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and intermediates, we strive to create cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the progress of medicine. With a portfolio that spans over 30 APIs and intermediates, our team, characterized by extensive experience and scientific expertise, works in harmony with a cohort of younger, equally educated professionals. This strategic blend forms the foundation of a versatile, culturally diverse, and knowledge-driven organization, embodying values of flexibility, responsiveness, creativity, and reliability.

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to addressing the unique needs of individuals suffering from rare diseases. Specializing in the production of low-volume medicines, our commitment extends beyond commercial pursuits to making a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by rare illnesses. We recognize the challenges associated with the scarcity of these medications and are driven by a vision of creating a better world where even the most uncommon ailments are met with accessible and high-quality solutions. Through innovation, research, and a genuine desire to contribute to a better world, we continue to draw inspiration from our Chairman's insights, driving us to reach new heights in the field of pharmaceuticals.


The company's mission is to attain the foremost position among pharmaceutical raw material companies in Iran and establish a prominent presence among the world's top pharmaceutical raw material companies until 2026.


Crafting top-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for niche diseases (low volume and high value) is our vision. We aim to fulfill both domestic and international requirements at a competitive price.


1. Excellence:

At the core of our values is a relentless pursuit of excellence. We are dedicated to producing pharmaceutical solutions that embody the highest standards of quality, efficacy, and safety. This commitment ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of healthcare professionals and patients worldwide.

2. Innovation:

We embrace a culture of innovation, understanding that the landscape of healthcare is constantly evolving. By fostering an environment that encourages creative thinking and pioneering advancements, we aim to lead the way in addressing emerging medical challenges with groundbreaking solutions.

3. Integrity:

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We conduct ourselves with unwavering ethical standards, maintaining transparency, honesty, and fairness in all our interactions. Our commitment to integrity extends to every aspect of our operations, earning the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

4. Customer Centricity:

Our focus revolves around our customers – both locally and globally. We strive to understand their diverse needs and challenges, delivering tailored pharmaceutical solutions that make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

5. Sustainability:

As stewards of the environment, we operate with a deep commitment to sustainability. Our practices are designed to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to social responsibility, ensuring that our business operations positively impact the planet and the communities we serve.

6. Collaboration:

We believe in the power of collaboration. By fostering a collaborative work environment and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders, we leverage collective expertise to drive innovation, achieve operational excellence, and create lasting value for our customers and the industry.

7. Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to perpetual growth and improvement. Continuously assessing and refining our processes, products, and services, we embrace change as an opportunity for enhancement. This commitment to continuous improvement enables us to stay at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

8. Transparency:

Open and honest communication is paramount to us. We prioritize transparency in our operations, ensuring that our stakeholders are informed and engaged. This transparency builds trust, fosters meaningful relationships, and reinforces our commitment to responsible business practices.

9. Accountability:

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Taking responsibility for the impact of our decisions on employees, customers, and the wider community, we uphold a culture of accountability that reinforces our commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.

10. Global Impact:

Beyond the boundaries of our business, we aspire to make a positive global impact on health and well-being. Through our pharmaceutical solutions and corporate initiatives, we strive to contribute to the betterment of communities and the advancement of healthcare on a global scale.

These values, coupled with our mission and vision, form the foundation of our identity and guide us as we work towards realizing our company's overarching goals.

Delivering innovative, customer-focused products