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Since its establishment in 2021 Parmin Pharmed has consistently led the way in API production.Our approach integrates a strategic blend of seasoned chemists and analysts, boasting extensive experience and scientific expertise, complemented by a cohort of younger, equally educated professionals.

This amalgamation results in a versatile, culturally diverse, and knowledge-driven organization, characterized by flexibility, responsiveness, creativity, and reliability.

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Our state-of-the-art facility, approved by CTD, proudly manufactures a diverse portfolio of 25+ APIs spanning multiple therapeutic categories.

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At Parmin Pharmed, our Partnership Pharma Solutions (PPS) cater to pharmaceutical companies seeking outsourcing solutions for enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness in API production. Through Co-development and Custom Synthesis, we empower our clients, ensuring economically viable manufacturing with top-notch research for superior results.

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Our portfolio comprises more than 32 key starting materials and intermediates tailored to meet the global demands of our clients.

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Production of active ingredients of drugs for special and rare patients/orphan drugs

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